How do I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription and resume it at any time. Pausing means you still have access to all of your subscription benefits.

First, log into your account and select 'Manage Subscriptions.' From there, you will be taken to your subscription portal. Locate the subscription you wish to pause and select 'See more details.'

Subscription Portal | Click on 'See more details'

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Pause Subscription.’

Subscription Portal | Click 'Pause Subscription'

A confirmation pop-up will appear, select ‘Confirm’ to proceed with pausing your subscription.

Subscription Portal | Click 'Confirm' to pause your subscription

You’ll be able to see that your subscription is paused as your once green ‘Active’ is now a yellow ‘Paused.’

Subscription Portal | See the 'Paused' in yellow confirming your subscription has been paused

To resume your subscription at any time, repeat these steps but select ‘Resume Subscription.’

Subscription Portal | Click 'Resume Subscription'