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Great texture!

The best brown rice I’ve tasted in a long rime

The rice has good flavor, and it cooks up right well.

The best rice!

Both your blonde and brown rice are the best tasting, best quality I’ve ever had and made. I’ll continue to order it. Love the bundle!


We love your rice-the quality is excellent!
A great gift to send to family to share.

The Chico brown rice taste so yummy. It’s a meal in itself, a little soy sauce. Haven’t tried the blonde rice yet.

Too early to tell. I still have some of the older rice available which I am using up.

Too early to tell. I still have some of the older rice available which I am using up.

Delicious! Cooks easily

Fantastic rice that you can feel proud serving to friends and family

Nice Rice!

For many years my go-to rice was grown by Ron Hogue in Arkansas, but he went out of business years ago. Since then I had been wandering in the wilderness in search of tasty, organic brown rice. Until I found Chico Rice. Home again...

Bulk Box of Milled California Japonica (20 lbs)

Great product & customer service

My family has repeatedly ordered 20lb brown rice boxes from Chico Rice for the past year or so. Each time is a delight; the rice is always fresh and fragrant and has a wonderful flavour. On the very rare occasion that the product has an issue (e.g. shipping delays) Chico Rice is very courteous and attentive to our concerns. We appreciate the company's transparency as well. We are sad to see the organic label go but as long as the practices stay the same that is all that matters. It is difficult to find reasonably priced rice of this quality elsewhere!!

LOVE IT. Cook it in small batches so I don’t eat the whole potful!


Best rice around!

Brown & Blonde Bundle

Best Brown Rice!!!

I purchased one small bag of Chico Rice at our local community store in Redding. It was my first time of hearing of it and trying it and have to say it is the best rice I’ve eaten. I loved it so much I purchased a 20 lb box!! Thank you so much for producing such a quality product.

Blonde Rice Saved My Marriage

For years we suffered through soggy boring rice and made bad kitchen investments trying to make rice easy/tasty/interesting. One fateful Christmas the husband gave me a rice cooker… I know. That nearly ended us. But then I saw a bag of Chico Blonde rice at our local market and now we are living happily ever after with rice that cooks like a dream, tastes incredible (like risotto minus the work!), and is an absolute necessity at our house. This comfort food staple steams perfectly in the same time as jasmine or basmati but the flavor is far superior to all other ‘white’ rice. Our favorite is to sauté half a yellow onion in oil then add the rice to toast it, then add 1/2 water and half chicken stock with a generous pinch of kosher salt, bring to a boil, reduce and simmer covered for 15 min. Comes out perfect and delicious EVERY TIME.

Returning Customer

The bulk box is just right to last a year.

Best rice ever

Really, there is no comparison to other rices available on the market. This cooks up perfectly and the taste is excellent.

A bag arrived broken and they replaced no questions asked. Reliable customer service. Many thanks.


I love the taste and texture of this rice. The best brown rice I ever had!

Thank you for your A+ customer service

Thank you for replacing the broken bags received swiftly.

Blonde rice and Brown rice

I have always loved your rice. To me it is better than Lundberg rice which is considered the best rice for you!


The rice is very good 👍

LOVE CHICO RICE! The Brown rice is my favorite! It is so good, has a slightly nutty flavor. It is hard to explain, it is that good!

LOVE CHICO RICE!! Great flavor!!

Chico Rice is the Best

Love the rice- nutty flavor, fluffy texture. Love the father brother team and love that the rice is local and grown and harvested in small batches with care.

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