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I tried logging into my account but it says it doesn't exist?

I had a subscription, when can I get that back?

Will I be notified about order updates?

How do I get free shipping?


Product Questions

What is Japonica Rice?

What is Haiga-Mai Style?

Where did the Organic Label go?

What do you mean by your rice fields being a Habitat for Wildlife?

What does it mean to be a Family Farm?


How do I cook blonde rice?

How do I cook brown rice?

How do I cook with brown rice flour?

What is the shelf life of your rice?

What is the shelf life of your brown rice flour?

How do I store my rice to keep it fresh?

How do I store my brown rice flour to keep it fresh?

Is brown rice flour gluten free?

Is brown and blonde rice healthy?

What’s the difference between brown and blonde rice?

Is brown rice flour healthy?

Can I substitute brown rice flour for wheat flour in recipes?

How do I know if rice has gone bad?

Is your rice high in arsenic or other heavy metals?

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