(Pre-Order) Brown Milled California Japonica

Bold Nutty Taste

Our brown rice has a fresh and nutty flavor with a delicious fragrance and bold taste that will leave you craving more with every bite. The natural bran layer is packed with nutrition, keeping you fuller, longer, making it a favorite among healthy eaters!

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Health Benefits of Brown Rice

  • Energy for the Body: A good source of carbohydrates
  • Heart Healthy Choice: Low in fat and cholesterol
  • Regulates Digestion: Contains good dietary fiber
  • Helps Maintain Overall Health and Metabolic Processes: Rich in vitamins and minerals

How to Use Brown Rice

Our Brown is extremely flavorful by itself but can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of delicious dishes like:

  • Risottos
  • Bibimbap
  • Stir frys
  • Soups
  • Grain Bowls
(Pre-Order) Brown Milled California Japonica

(Pre-Order) Brown Milled California Japonica

Regular price $8.49
Sale price $8.49 Regular price
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Gluten Free

Freshly Milled

Family Farmed


Farmed in California

Rooted in Quality from Seed to Plate

  • Gain assurance in knowing exactly where your rice comes from.
  • We grow, mill, and hand-pack our rice with a commitment to sustainability.
  • Our rice is husked in small batches through our unique Artisan Rice Mill and then packaged by hand to preserve that fresh, sweet, nutty flavor.

Small Batch Freshness

Our Artisan Rice Mill produces small batches, so you'll always receive rice that's as fresh as possible with the most flavor and the best texture.

Stewardship of the Land

Committed to sustainability since 1928. We blend the crop residue back into the soil to build soil structure. We avoid burning the fields post-harvest, so that we can create habitats for wildlife to preserve air, soil, and water purity for generations to come.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, just contact us and we'll make it right.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelly F

Brown rice harvested in your area has a particular taste and texture compared to other brown rice. I love it with mixed steamed vegetables and a cheddar cheese sauce, yum!

Chris W

Drive the I-5 corridor and saw your sign there. Love brown rice and yours is the best in flavor and texture. Wish you had a retailer here in Redding.

Jo B

Friends traveling through your area gifted us some of your rice. Your brown rice looked so "silky" upon opening our rice cooker and the texture and taste was superb! We eat a LOT of rice and this is by far the BEST! Just ordered to re-supply and was pleasantly surprised with your free shipping.

Marilyn K

I always thought rice was just something to put something tasty on top ... until I tasked your blond rice ... it is so delicious you don't even need to put something tasty on top.

Patty D

I was so excited to see your rice at a local butcher shop in Berkeley recently. I'm originally from Chico and was so happy to support my hometown. Little did I know that your Brown Rice would be so delicious. I love the flavor and texture. I will never eat another brand of rice. Thankfully, I buy your rice at my local market!