(Pre-Order) Blonde Milled California Japonica

The Goldilocks of Rice

A truly special product, our blonde rice has a superior texture along with a natural sweetness and nuttiness that shines through. It is lightly milled in the traditional Japanese haiga-mai style, so it features the health benefits of brown rice with the taste and texture of white rice.

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Health Benefits of Blonde Rice

  • Energy for the Body: A good source of carbohydrates
  • Heart Healthy Choice: Low in fat and cholesterol
  • Regulates Digestion: Contains good dietary fiber
  • Helps Maintain Overall Health and Metabolic Processes: Rich in vitamins and minerals

How to Use Blonde Rice

Our Blonde is extremely flavorful by itself but can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of delicious dishes like:

  • Sushi
  • Risottos
  • Bibimbap
  • Stir frys
  • Soups
  • Grain Bowls
(Pre-Order) Blonde Milled California Japonica

(Pre-Order) Blonde Milled California Japonica

Regular price $8.49
Sale price $8.49 Regular price
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Gluten Free

Freshly Milled

Family Farmed


Farmed in California

Rooted in Quality from
Seed to Plate

  • Gain assurance in knowing exactly where your rice comes from.
  • We grow, mill, and hand-pack our rice with a commitment to sustainability.
  • Our rice is husked in small batches through our unique Artisan Rice Mill and then packaged by hand to preserve that fresh, sweet, nutty flavor.

A Happy and Healthy Medium

The Goldilocks of Rice

For those who prefer the taste and texture of white rice but avoid it in favor of more nutrient-rich brown rice, haiga-mai style rice is the best of both worlds!

Our Blonde Milled California Japonica is semi-polished in the haiga-mai style in which only some of the outer bran layer is removed, retaining the nutritious and oil-rich germ prized by health-conscious fans of brown rice.

The result is an easily digestible, quickly-cooking grain with the subtle, delicate flavor and smooth texture of white rice and much of the vitamins, minerals, and oils of unpolished brown rice.

Small Batch Freshness

Our Artisan Rice Mill produces small batches, so you'll always receive rice that's as fresh as possible with the most flavor and the best texture.

Stewardship of the Land

Committed to sustainability since 1928. We blend the crop residue back into the soil to build soil structure. We avoid burning the fields post-harvest, so that we can create habitats for wildlife to preserve air, soil, and water purity for generations to come.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, just contact us and we'll make it right.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The Perfect Stickiness

Who doesn't love sticky rice? Usually the joy of sticky rice is the texture, but it lacks in taste. Chico Rice's Blonde rice has both! Perfect as a side dish but I can't wait to try making sushi with it!


My son bought a package of your brown rice online and we haven't looked back. It is so delicious and fits into all my recipes that call for Rice. The results are amazing! Packages of CHICORICE will be going into our Family Christmas Baskets this year - filled with local food products grown and produced in the "Greater North State of California!

Noie E

I am a 1st Japanese descendant and have a family of a very active teenager and 2 adults. We eat rice everyday and consume a 20lb. Bulk rice a month, so Chico Rice is becoming our everyday staple food. The Blonde (Haiga-mai) is my favorite and I am very familiar with since I grow up eating Haiga-mai in Japan. It’s sweet, aromatic, fresh and organic. It’s the best Japonica rice in the US!!!

Bill K

I will be taking an empty pkg to Oliver’s Market asking them to carry it…had a thought, though…

If your Organic Blonde was on a shelf, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. Remember, I was looking for a haiga milled rice. You mention this on your website but I don’t see it on the package.

Below your words Organic Blonde, I suggest stating “Haiga-Mai Milled” or something like that.

Or rename it as “Haiga-Mai Blonde”?

Will try your brown in the future…need to use up other brand. We don’t cook brown as often.

Just reordered some more Blonde.

Again, great product!


Denise D

When rice was hard to find during the pandemic, I did a lot of research and discovered Chico Rice. Starting with one bag and now regularly purchasing 6 bags at a time, we're hooked and will use no other rice, even now that rice can be found in stores. Now that we're having visitors into our home again, I'm serving Chico Rice to our friends and family who remark on its tastiness. Just last weekend, I sent a bag of Chico Rice home with my cousin, who is enthusiastic to become your customer!